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Executive Director
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Rev. Jerald F. Jenkins
639 York Street, Suite 210
Quincy, IL 62301
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(217) 223-1388
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Quincy, IL
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Addicts Victorious, Inc.


Our mission here at Addicts Victorious is to assist people in overcoming any problem or fear they might be facing. This is achieved through Biblically-based counseling and the teachings of Christ. The programs are not only intended for the individual that is struggling with an addiction, but are also beneficial for people who need understanding concerning the addiction of a relative, friend, or spouse. We are “people helping people” restore their lives through Jesus Christ!


Addicts Victorious is a not-for-profit corporation working to better the individual, the family, and the community through the teachings of Christ’s love. Here, at Addicts Victorious, we have a number of programs available for anyone who is facing any kind of problem, fear, and/or addiction. We offer a "Biblical Counseling Program" through our NEW "Victory Biblical Counseling Center" which is located here in Quincy, Illinois, in addition to our world wide weekly Support Group Programs.


The most successful thread that we use in all of our Addicts Victorious Programs is our “Ten-Steps to Victory.” To the person who is struggling, the “Steps” can help them work toward a new and clean life filled with hope, joy, and direction. II Corinthians 5:17 states that, “Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

We have several types of Support Group Programs available throughout the world. We offer our regular Addicts Victorious Support Group, Teens Victorious, Women Victorious, Seniors Victorious, and a Special Addictions Support Group. Our philosophy behind creating these separate meetings is that people seem to demonstrate an increased level of comfort when discussing their struggles with individuals who have faced (or are currently facing) similar problems. For example, Teens experience peer pressure; Seniors experience the loss of loved ones, stresses from retirement, etc. With a number of Groups available, each individual has a choice as to which Support Group meeting will best fit them.

(By Appt. Only – Call 217-223-1388): Our NEW “Victory Biblical Counseling Center” is now available to anyone who may be seeking private counseling. We offer Biblical counseling on an hourly, weekly, or extended basis. The “Victory Biblical Counseling Center” offers Biblical counseling to individuals suffering with anxiety, worry, fear, and depression; people suffering with various addictions including: alcohol and other drugs, sexual and pornography additions, eating disorders, gambling, smoking, and a large range of other addictive behaviors including: anger management, compulsive lying, kleptomania, and other behavioral disorders; as well as marriage counseling, and domestic abuse counseling.

(By Appt. Only – Call 217-223-1388): We take an in-depth look into a person’s problems, fears, and/or addictions, or addictive behavior during the “5-Day Biblical Counseling Program.” Once the individual honestly and openly shares what they are struggling with, we then start working them through a process found in God’s Word that shows them the way they can be totally set free from whatever problem, fear, or addiction has been controlling their life. This process is a life-changing process!

Ways to Give:

Addicts Victorious is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit corporation, and our funding comes from grants, and (tax-deductible) private pledges and donations given by people just like you and me!