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Presdient & CEO
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Jerold Gruebel
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Quincy, IL 62305
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(217) 483-7887
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Quincy, IL
Education, Fine Arts

Network Knowledge (WQEC-TV)


Network Knowledge (WQEC-TV) is a community licensed noncommercial educational television station in Quincy. The mission of Network Knowledge (WQEC-TV) is to collaborate with people and enterprises in the communities we serve to bring quality programming, learning opportunities and economic development to our region.


WQEC-TV began broadcasting to Quincy and the surrounding area in 1985. Over that time, more than 16,000 adult learners have enrolled in college credit telecourses delivered by WQEC and more than 13,500 persons have participated in non-credit courses offered by nine area colleges and universities, including Blessing-Reiman College of Nursing, John Wood Community College and Quincy University.


Children’s Educational Programs: WQEC-TV broadcasts 48 hours of children’s educational programming per week to the Quincy area, including PBS favorites Clifford the Big Red Dog, Dragon Tales, Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow. Each children’s program offered by WQEC features related interactive educational outreach activities and lesson plans designed for parents and caregivers to use television as a learning tool and to become actively involved in their children’s education. Community Educational Services: WQEC is a trusted partner with area parents, caregivers and teachers. Our Educational Services encourage learning and literacy through programs such as Ready to Read and Ready to Learn. We provide educational materials to more than 500 caregivers, teachers and families and promote literacy by distributing nearly 1000 books each month free to at-risk children. Using our educational programs and the learning triangle of READ-VIEW-DO, our team of educators collaborates with schools, daycare centers, libraries and hospitals promoting literacy and a love for learning. Digital Infrastructure: WQEC is presently completing its conversion to digital broadcasting, as mandated by the FCC. The station will invest more than $16.3 million dollars in digital equipment and infrastructure directly related to providing Quincy and the surrounding area with a higher quality signal and expanded educational and public affairs programming. Funds are desperately needed to complete this project. With the onset of digital broadcasting, WQEC multicasts three digital channels providing programming for lifelong learning and workforce development. High Definition (HD) broadcasts are offered during evenings and weekends. The three program streams include several locally-produced programs, including Illinois Stories, which features a weekly edition covering topics of interest in the Quincy area; lifelong learning programming, including credit and non-credit degree and nondegree programs, and professional development programming; PBS Kids, offering family-friendly programming for pre-K through 8th grade youth and families; and, public affairs programming, covering local issues and the state legislature.

Ways to Give:

WQEC-TV is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit and all donations are tax deductible. Charitable gifts may be designated for a specific purpose or may be unrestricted to be used for the station’s current needs. Day-to-Day Operations – Funding from private sources is more than 60% of the station’s yearly operating budget. These funds help to ensure continued operation of the transmitter and help to pay for programming and outreach services to the community. Educational Services – Educational Services relies on the generosity of private donors to allow for the continuation and expansion of its efforts. Capital Campaign – As mentioned, the station has committed to invest more than $16.3 million in the digital conversion of WQEC. This includes a new transmitter and tower, new interconnection equipment and a new broadcast facility. Naming opportunities are available. Endowment – WQEC has established an educational programming endowment in the name of Robert B. Hulsen, who was instrumental in the station’s founding. The interest from the endowment provides support for children’s programming in the Quincy area.


Cash, Yearly Renewable Membership, In-kind, Appreciated Assets, including stock, Gift Annuities, Trusts, Wills and Bequests. Please consult with your financial advisor to determine the best avenue for your personal giving.