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Quincy Christian School

As a member of the Association of Christian School International, Quincy Area Christian School Association is a non-profit educational organization serving families in western Illinois and eastern Missouri. Our mission is to be an academic institution of excellence, working with the Christian home and Bible-believing churches to train each student in the knowledge of God and the scriptural way of life. This is accomplished by: Encouraging every student to develop a love for learning and achieve maximum academic potential. Providing the highest standards of intellectual and spiritual learning. Equipping each student with the necessary tools to effectively pursue the vocation to which God will lead. Teaching all subjects as part of an integrated whole with Scripture as its foundation. Providing a clear model of Biblical Christian’s life through the staff and board. Encouraging every student to develop a personal relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ.
In direct response to the needs expressed by area families, the Quincy Area Christian Schools Association was founded in 1996. Its educational arm, Quincy Christian School, is an inter-denominational institution located on the edge of Quincy, Illinois. The campus currently consists of two buildings and acreage for expansion.  In 2007, the school moved into the building located at the corners of 10th and Spruce Streets.
Begun with 22 students, Quincy Christian School enrollment now stands at over 74 students in classes from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. The staff includes teachers with backgrounds in multilevel education and student development. Students hail from Quincy, Western Illinois Area, and Eastern Missouri.  Quincy Christian School is currently a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).
Ways to Give:
Charitable gifts may be given to either the Quincy Area Christian School Association or Quincy Christian School. Gifts may be designated for a specific purpose or left unrestricted to respond to current needs. Gifts may also be received as a living honor or memorial tribute to loved ones to continue their legacy.
Areas of Support Needed: Although allied with many different churches, as an interdenominational institution Quincy Christian School is not affiliated with, nor a member of, any specific denomination or church group. Financial support is derived from benevolent people and student tuition. Areas of ongoing support include: Scholarships– Memorials or general scholarships can be provided for students in financial need. Endowments– Endowed gifts provide a dependable income and provide a perpetual legacy for a family or organization. Sizeable endowments may be named for the individual making the gift or in honor or memory of a loved one. Facility Enhancements– With the year-by-year growth in student registrations, Quincy Christian School relies solely on donations to fund the improvements and expansion of our facilities. The campus development plan includes enhancements and renovations to current buildings, athletic facilities, classrooms, auditorium, kitchen, computer lab, and library facilities, as well as much needed improvements to the grounds and access roads, science labs, and fine arts facilities. Memorial donations can be made and named for the individual making the gift or in honor or memory of a loved one. Benevolent Gifts– The generosity of corporations, organizations, and individuals help to supplement the educational costs for each student. Student tuition provides only half of the operating budget of Quincy Christian School. Private giving and donations are necessary to cover remaining budgetary needs.