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Area Director
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Jackie Bruns
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(217) 222-0958
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Quincy, IL
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Quincy Catholic Charities

Quincy Catholic Charities is a nationally accredited, faith-based, not-for-profit organization located in the heart of the historical center of Quincy. Our primary mission is to extend the healing and empowering presence of Jesus through our competent and compassionate programs. Thus, through our quality, compassionate care, we will support the dignity and sanctity of human life at all stages, value families and the sacredness of marriage, and work to strengthen them and provide hope to those in need.
As a part of the Catholic Diocese of Springfield, Illinois, Quincy Catholic Charities has been a leaven, a dynamic and empowering presence in families and individuals for well over sixty-five years. We have carried out this mission through our various programs that we operate which include crisis-pregnancy/parent support, counseling, family preservation, adoption, emergency food and prescription medication assistance. Quincy Catholic Charities offers quality, compassionate care, and when there is a crisis, the entire staff is there...empowering, listening to and offering assistance.
Quincy Catholic Charities serves people of all races, sex, and religion through our programs that span the spectrum from prevention, intervention, and treatment. The needs of those we serve take precedence over any boundaries that may exist, and Quincy Catholic Charities is fully accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services to Children and Families, Inc. (COA). Professional Counseling Solutions: With our sliding scale and after 5:00 pm hours, Catholic Charities’ therapists will work with families most at risk and often with limited resources... thanks to United Way assistance. Individual, marital, and pre-marital, domestic violence and sexual abuse issues are addressed, along with counselors going to the schools to deal with self-esteem issues and behavioral problems. The goal always is to empower, enrich and do preventative educations so as to enhance family life and our community. Supportive Pregnancy Program: The goal of this program is to empower the individuals who come to strengthen their family system through the utilization of material and financial assistance coupled with a strong crisis intervention counseling and educational component. It is key to assist individuals to make healthy choices regarding sexual behavior and an emphasis is placed on abstinence. MedAssist Program: The main objective of this program is to access prescribed, life-giving medications at no charge to the people in need. This allows those on fixed incomes to maintain necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter. We, at QCC, serve as Advocates for those in need of medicines and thus, improve the quality of life for many of our residents. Family Preservation: Well trained staff and time-proven program that we carry in which workers engage with DCFS to assist families on the verge of losing a child due to an alleged hot-line abuse issue. QCC boasts a 90-95% success rate where the child is returned to the family and the family remains intact. Food Pantry: This is a very viable service that serves canned/frozen goods and also government commodities. Open daily from 8:30-4:30 pm and hundreds are served monthly.
Ways to Give:
Charitable gifts may be given to Quincy Catholic Charities; or Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Springfield, IL. Day-to-Day Operations: Charitable funding from private sources is needed for more than 45% of operating budget. Some of these funds help bridge the gap between actual costs of care and reimbursed monies from one of our contracted State programs. Endowment: These gifts provide a perpetual legacy of love as the interest on the principal gift provides dependable income for Catholic Charities’ works, especially for family, children and those most in need of medicines.
Cash, In-kind, Appreciated Assets, Gift Annuities, Trusts, Wills and Bequests. We are also grateful for designating your United Way dollars to us at QCC. Checks can be made payable to Quincy Catholic Charities and are tax deductible. Visit our website and see how you can cover some of our immediate needs to assist in the smooth operations of the office – and click on Quincy.