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Executive Director
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Crystal A. Young
815 Elm Street
Quincy, IL 62301
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(217) 228-1106
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Quincy, IL
Children and Family Services, Community Outreach

Redmon Lee Youth and Adult Community Center

The mission of the Redmon and Lee Youth Community Center is dedicated to helping individuals to improve their lives through empowering families and at-risk youth by educating, outreach, leadership development, mentoring, tutoring, nutrition and health programs and services.
The Community Center was first established as the Frederick Ball Center in 1945 and was changed in the 1980’s to Redmon and Lee Youth and Adult Community Association to honor two outstanding community leaders, Mr. James Redmon and Ms. Minnie Lee. The Redmon-Lee Youth and Adult Association is a multifaceted community based not-for-profit organization. It is an outgrowth and refinement of the Frederick Ball Community Center whose history of service to the community dates from it’s inception in 1945. The Redmon-Lee Association was incorporated in January 1981 to actively administer social services, provide civic and economic information, and work towards positive social progress by addressing the social and cultural needs of the neighborhood and greater community. Job training, referrals and employment services as well as counseling has been provided by this organization and other partner agencies which were designed specifically to address the needs of the people who lacked the appropriate skills and who also resided within the designated neighborhood/community area.
The Redmon-Lee Association currently provides three primary programs: 1. After-school Program 2. Summer Enrichment Program 3. Senior Citizens Enrichment. The youth programs are monitored and managed by weekly review of activities, achievement of stated and targeted goals, review of each child’s quarterly school report card with the individual child, feedback to the parents, review of daily homework assignments and accomplishments including but not limited to behavioral skills, interpersonal social skills, peer interaction and appropriate verbalization communicative skills. The organization seeks to serve children, youth and adults of all races, gender and cultures, specifically addressing at-risk youth and families.
Ways to Give:
Our services are free to the public and community and our areas of charitable needs are in money to operate the programs, food for our daily meal programs where we feed children in an afterschool program as well as a Summer Enrichment Program and sometimes equipment for the kitchen such as cooking utensils, cookware, cleaning products, toys, books, sewing machines, art supplies, sports equipment like balls, bats, footballs, basketballs, game boards, and electronic games for Playstation.