Contact Title:
Executive Director
Contact Name:
Bruce Rice
535 Maine Street, Suite 10
Quincy, IL 62301
Phone Number:
(217) 224-9422
Fax Number:
(217) 228-0504

Monthly basis or one time gift, or yearly, and Underwriting.

Quincy, IL
Faith Based Organizations

Great Commission Broadcasting Corporation (WGCA-FM)


To present a positive Christian message utilizing contemporay Christian music and special events like concerts, marriage seminars, and teaching to the tri-state area vis-a-vis translators in Burlington, Ia., Macomb, Il, Kirksville, Mo., and full facility 40,000 watt station based in Quincy, Illinois.


WGCA-FM began broadcasting on September 21st, 1987.  The eight member Executive Board has had oversight since the beginning of operation. We began operating from an 8x40 semi-trailer that we affectionately called the "meat truck" which still houses our transmitter and tower and antenna, 6 miles east of Quincy, IL on Cannonball Road. Over the past 22 years the listenership has increased at a staggering rate, and the response to the positive programming has been phenomenal. Our approach is to provide the best programming and music available, with excellence, and reinforce it through special events that we have sponsored or co-sponsored through the years like concerts, marriage seminars, etc. We believe we have been a catalyst to bring the churched community together to work co-operatively in presenting its message, and to encourage and foster community development and action.


We have sponsored "March for Jesus" which garnered over 5,000 each year for the 5 years it was presented to the community, Sponsored and co-sponsored over 100 concerts throughout the tri-state area over the past 22 years, Produced Shoutfest, an outdoor music festival at Clat Adams Park for three years, averaging over 7,000 in attendance each year, and celebrated our 22nd annual Sharathon this year by raising a record $260,000 for operating expenses. We raised approximately $10,000 one year for the Salvation Army as a mission outreach during our Sharathon.

Ways to Give:

We are currently working on Community Awareness, and Conversation with Kim Grey, with Adams County Health Department, to bring faith based organizations to work along side with existing organizations in the community to better meet the needs of neighborhoods.


WGCA operates with two basic revenue streams, Donations, and Underwriting. Donations by individuals, churches, and organizations comprise approximately 60% of our operating budget, underwritng the other 40%. Underwriting is geared toward churches and businesses who want to support the ministry, and have their business associated with WGCA through on air spots that conform to the non-commercial rules and regulations established by the FCC guidelines.