Young Life
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Quincy Area Director
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Christy Bakker
PO Box 3293
Quincy, IL 62305
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(217) 223-5470
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(217) 223-5470
General day to day costs of the Young Life ministry.  Ministry to one teen mother and her child costs around $2,000/year.  Funds are needed to sustain the leadership, recruiting and training of volunteers, assistance of teen mothers, programs, clubs, and coordination of all these efforts by trained staff.  Financial assistance for special needs of teen mothers: Housing, utilities, diapers, transportation, and medical crisis that arise.  Camp Scholarships ($500 per teen with baby and $250 for Jr. High students).  Charitable gifts can be given directly to Young Life.  Checks can be made out to and sent to: Young Life; PO Box 3293; Quincy, IL  62305.  To give cash, in-kind, gift annuitites, wills and bequest please contact our office at 217-223-5470.  Volunteers are always needed to either work directly with teen moms, Jr. High students or serve on the YL committee.  Contact 217-223-5470 if interested.  From time to time office equipment, baby furniture and items, are needed and appreciated.

Quincy, IL
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Young Life

Young Life is an interdenominational, world-class organization for adolescents.  Our staff and volunteers enter the world of kids, focusing on what matters to them - fun, adventrue, friendship and a sense of significance.  In doing so, we earn the privilege of talking to them about something that we believe matters most of all - the truth about God and His love for them. YL leaders/mentors impact non-churched as well as churched kids as Christian family values are modeled and taught through leaders' lives and words.  Holistic needs are met as leaders get to know teens: educational, social, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Leaders/Mentors help teens and their families bridge into churches of the Christian faith if the family has no church.  If there is a Christian faith tradition; teens and families are encouraged to strengthen their involvement. Quincy Young Life has two programs: 1) YoungLives - Teen mothers (13-19) are mentored by adult women weekly.  Childcare is provided during Monthly Clubs, Small Group Bible Studies, and even at Camp!  Moms are helped to stay in school.  Parenting skills taught.  Christian family values modeled and taught and young families receive hope in Christ and practical help for a better future. 2) WyldLife - for all Junior High (grade 7-9) students.  Positive caring leaders, high energy activities and content geared for younger teens help form positive friendship groups and confidence in God's love and purpose.  WyldLife clubs meet twice a month and we also attend one week of summer camp.
In the United States there are 22 million adolescents, and 14.4 million of those do not attend church regularly.  They face challenges of poverty, drug and alcohol use, the lure of gangs, suicide, loneliness, racism, violence, teen pregnancy and single parenthood.  There is a spiritual vacuum leaving most kids with no idea where to turn for answers, except their friends.  In 1941, Young Life began reaching out to all teens through caring adults who became their friends and mentors, offering direction and helping them consider and embrace faith in Jesus Christ for themselves, and preparing them to live as responsible members of the community.  Now Young Life is in more than 800 communities accross the United States and is in more than 54 countries worldwide.  During the 2008-2009 school year, Young Life worked with approximately one million young people.  In the USA, 4 out of 10 girls become pregnant before age 20.  So, in 1991, Young Life started an additional work called YoungLives to focus specifically on teenaged mothers and their babies.  Many teen moms struggle with loneliness, balancing work and school, strained relationships with parents and boyfriends, and parenthood.  Many drop out of school, and most have no church background.  Young Life began the YoungLives ministry in Quincy in 1999 (The origional name was Mentor Moms and was changed to YoungLives in 2004).  Young Life continues to grow in the Quincy area and throughout the world.
While we continue our work with teen moms in YoungLives, and with Jr. High students in WyldLife, we hope to expand our work to reach out to Sr. High students as well.  As volunteers and resources come together, this too can become a reality for our Adams County teens.