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Julie Ross
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Gift Giving Opportunities:  Unrestricted gifts are used for daily operations and Foundation projects. Restricted Gifts are used for specific Foundation projects that are designated by the donor. Endowment Gifts provide the perpetual legacy of enhancing quality education and extended learning opportunities for our children.  The interest of the endowment fund provides dependable income to ensure the future of the Quincy Public Schools Foundation.  Gift Giving Options: The Foundation welcomes and appreciates the generosity of gifts for the enhanced education of all QPS students.  Your current gifts as well as your estate planning gifts will benefit the lives of Quincy’s children. Ways to give include:  Cash, stocks and other securities, gift annuities, corporate matching funds, trusts, wills and bequests.

Quincy, IL

Quincy Public Schools Foundation


To acquire and distribute financial and other resources for the enrichment of academic programs and for other projects aimed at fulfilling the mission of the Quincy Public School District.


The Quincy Public Schools Foundation was created in 1989 by a volunteer Board of Trustees as a result of the recognition of the importance of public education.  Early on, QFQE intended to serve as a resource in focusing on the following areas concerning the public schools: Problems that affect both our young people and their families such as teenage pregnancy, teenage suicide, child abuse, and high school dropouts; Recognition and encouragement of distinguished educators, departments, and schools; Encouragement of creative educational techniques that will enhance student interest and academic achievement in all types of curricula; Support of early childhood education programs with the emphasis on parental involvement; Development of programs that help students sustain positive values; Promotion of public school partnerships with business, industry, and community organizations.


Major Programs Child/Family Mentor Program:  The Foundation started the Child/Family Mentor Program in 1994 after a teacher-written grant was awarded to enhance volunteer efforts in the public schools.  This program matches positive, caring, adult volunteers with students in a one-on-one supportive relationship.  The program has earned the Governor’s Home Town Award, the Tutor/Mentor Connection Award for the State of Illinois, and the Presidential Daily Points of Light Award.  The Foundation now partners with the Quincy Public Schools to fund the Child/Family Mentor Program.  Science for Life Project:  The goal of the Science for Life Project was, and continues to be to increase student learning and experiences in science classrooms throughout the Quincy Public Schools.  That goal is accomplished by: Implementing teacher training and curriculum development; Providing collaborative support with key leadership organizations, consultants, and universities; Upgrading science laboratories, equipment, classroom supplies, and materials that go beyond the regular classroom curriculum. The Foundation’s financial commitment to Science for Life was 2001-2008.  Literacy Initiative: The QPS Literacy Initiative is a systemic effort to improve the reading, writing and content performance for all QPS students.  The professional development model used as part of our literacy initiative provides training that is available to all teachers in their classrooms with their students.  Trained Literacy Coaches (LC) and Intervention Specialists (IS) provide literacy collaboration with classroom teachers in order to improve the reading and writing performance of all students.  Teacher Grants: Many valuable programs have been instituted in the Quincy Public Schools as a result of teacher grant funding provided by the Foundation.  Students from early childhood through high school benefit from these grants.  Scholarships: The Foundation administers five scholarships available to students in post high school education through individual donors.  QPS Foundation scholarships include: Becker Music Scholarship Fund, Jack Madden Scholarship Fund, Robert E. Meyer Scholarship Fund, William Moore Scholarship Fund, and Hentzel Scholarship Fund.  Quincy High School Alumni Association (QHSAA):  The Alumni Association is an on-going project of the Foundation.  Membership fees and unrestricted donations to QHSAA help offset the cost of maintaining the official alumni website and alumni newsletter and provide reunion-planning assistance to QHS classes.  Restricted donations may be specified for any QHSAA or Foundation project.  Circles of Investment: Circles of Investment are a unique way to honor an individual, group or company while adding support to our students and education in the Quincy Public Schools.  Circles enhance education by creating extended learning opportunities.  This investment will touch the lives of QPS children for generations to come.  Donors may select a circle of special interest or emphasis.  Founding a Circle of Investment is $10,000 and founding a bench is $50,000.

Ways to Give:

The Foundation will achieve its mission by directing support toward the following goals: I. To promote student development by: Providing resources for additional educational enrichment activities for all students; Providing grants for students to pursue additional educational opportunities; Recognizing outstanding academic excellence; Supporting programs which provide additional opportunities for a variety of special needs students to succeed; and Providing family learning opportunities that will enhance student learning.  II. To promote excellence through creative teaching by: Supporting professional growth for all staff; and Providing resources for creative teaching ideas and programs.  III. To encourage school/community partnerships by: Promoting community awareness about school programs; Providing a means for individuals and organizations to share resources with schools to enhance learning; Providing an organization to facilitate cooperative ventures among the Foundation, community groups, and the School District; Serving as an organization that promotes unity within Quincy School District 172.  The Foundation encourages innovative pilot programs where educators can take ‘risks’ without a concern for failure.  If these programs prove successful, it is the expectation that continued financial support would be sought from other sources.  The Foundation is not meant to replace traditional sources of funding for the schools and will not fund requests for capital equipment.