Brain Trauma Awareness Organization
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Dr. Margie Williams
PO Box 5112
Quincy, IL 62305-5112
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(217) 223-8566

Donations can be given directly to the organization for the purpose designated by the giver.  Donations can be given to the Brain Trauma Awareness Organization fund for quality of life activities at the Community Foundation.

Quincy, IL
Community Outreach, Health Care

Brain Trauma Awareness Organization


To promote community awareness, educate, advocate and facilitate programs and services for persons with brain trauma.


In 1981 several families of persons who had suffered from accidental brain injury met together for mutual support and concern for the issues facing them. They contacted the National Head Injury and Illinois Brain Injury Association for information and guidance. From that first meeting a very active support group was formed in the Quincy area. Over time the group has evolved into the current organization providing not only support but education, community prevention activities and social events for survivors and their caregivers.

Ways to Give:

Our administrative costs are nominal (i.e.: postage, paper and printing) as staff is all volunteer.  Volunteers for prevention activities are appreciated.

  • Work in concert with the National and State Brain Injury Associations to aid persons with brain trauma and their families for support;
  • Promote the welfare, rights, and dignity of individuals experiencing disability from acquired brain trauma;
  • Increase awareness of the incidence and consequences of brain trauma for the public;
  • Serve as an information and resource center for persons with brain trauma and their families and friends as well as providers and professionals in the medical field;
  • Advocate for public policy that recognizes and addresses the problems of persons with brain trauma, their families and care providers;
  • Support research on all aspects of acquired brain trauma;
  • Provide information on prevention of brain trauma (health fairs and community events);
  • Empower persons with brain trauma through active participation in the Brain Trauma Awareness Organization and the community;
  • Annual activities for participation are Adult and Children’s camp for persons with brain trauma and an educational conference for all survivors, families and professionals....these are state sponsored events which we support and in which our members participate;
  • Promoting supportive employment of persons with acquired brain injury;
  • Hold monthly support group meetings for persons with brain injury, professionals, families and persons in the community. Our message is “prevention is the only cure” for acquired brain injury. This disability has life long consequences for the person, family and the community.