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Director of Development
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Barbara Baker Chapin
4409 Maine Street, PO Box 3646
Quincy, IL 62301
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(217) 223-0413
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(217) 223-0461
Transitions Foundation and Transitions Fund within the Community Foundation of the Quincy Area. Types of Gifts that may be given: Current Gifts, Planned Gifts, Gifts of Cash, Gifts of appreciated assets, Trusts, Bequests, and In-kind Gifts.

Camp Point, IL, Mendon, IL, Quincy, IL
Children and Family Services, Health Care

Transitions of Western Illinois

Transitions is a nationally accredited, not-for-profit organization located in Quincy, Illinois. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for the community by empowering people to reach their social, emotional, vocational, and physical potential by providing high quality, accessible, and affordable professional services.
Transitions was founded in 1955 as the Adams County Mental Health Center. We were the second mental health center in the State of Illinois to have our own psychiatrist. Today, Transitions is an agency that provides a comprehensive array of services that assists people of all ages — and all abilities — to move forward with their lives in a positive way.
Transitions serves people of all ages and all abilities. We serve children and adults who are developmentally disabled, children and adults who have a mental illness, and children and adults who are not disabled, but who are coping with a life problem that could affect any of us. While we offer 16 unique programs to assist those who seek our services, the goal for everyone we serve is to increase independence and self-sufficiency . . . and improve quality of life. We help when...families are in crisis, parents are concerned that their child is not developing on schedule, parents and children are coping with divorce, a loved one is struggling with a mental illness, a person with a disability needs assistance entering the workforce, a person with a disability needs supported housing in the community, parents are caring for a child with severe disabilities, people need support in caring for an elderly family member.
Ways to Give:
Charitable gifts may be given to the Transitions Foundation, the legal name of the not-for-profit entity that supports Transitions’ mission. Gifts may be directed for a specific purpose or unrestricted to meet Transitions’ most critical current needs. All gifts may be given as a living honor or a memorial tribute. Transitions Fund within the Community Foundation of the Quincy Area.
Areas of Charitable Support Needed: OPERATIONS-Charitable gifts help insure that Transitions’ services are available to all people, regardless of income. A gift can help pay for counseling services for a teen whose parents lack the funds to pay for treatment services...can help a toddler learn to a family who has a child with severe mental and physical an adult with mental disabilities live successfully in the an elderly person cope with the loss of a spouse. CAPITAL NEEDS-Charitable gifts given for capital needs help us improve our physical facilities and purchase equipment used in our programs and services. ENDOWMENT-Endowment gifts provide enduring support for Transitions’ programs and services. The interest earned on endowment gifts supports Transitions’ mission for perpetuity. Gifts to the Transitions Foundation are deeply appreciated...Current gifts and gifts given as part of an estate plan help children and adults with disabilities and people in need in our area..We suggest you consult your financial advisor to discuss the best way for you to give and to determine the tax advantages that may apply. Ways of giving include: Cash gifts, Gifts of Appreciated Assets, Trusts, Bequests made as a part of one’s will, and In-kind gifts